• Individual Therapy

  • Depression

  • Relationships

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Boundaries

  • Groups & Workshops

  • Psychotherapy began with individual work.  It’s still represents the majority of my practice. It’s work I feel honored to be a part of.  Some clients come because of an individual crisis such as a breakup, loss of a job or a loved one or to sort out a complicated issue.  Others come because of the suffering that accompanies chronic anxiety or depression. 

    We learn how to do life in the family we grow up in. People sometimes realize that everything they learned at home is not working for them in the present and want to reset a new trajectory of their own making.  It is one of the true joys of my work to help clients find answers to their questions and discover their authentic self and take the steps necessary to fully embrace who they are.

    I view myself as a partner in a joint and progressive effort to make sense of their struggles and ultimately transcend them.