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    Setting Boundaries with Addiction in the Family

    The Setting Boundaries With Addiction in the Family Group is a blending of education and discussion group designed for multiple families to learn about addiction and recovery together and put those ideas into action. The education provides a roadmap and tools for the journey and the peer support provides a supportive environment for dialogue about each family’s unique challenge. This group provides the opportunity to Train for Change.

     Each weekly group has 45 minutes of topic curriculum to help group members add to their “toolkit”. The balance of each group is dedicated to discussion about members’ personal journey with a goal toward support, increased understanding and personal growth through life’s challenges for a family with someone in addiction.

    Meets at the Mission Viejo location most Saturdays from 8:30 to 10:30

    Call our Office to get more information or to register. 949-370-1777

    The Boundaries Lab: Improving Ourselves and Our Relationships Through Developing Healthy Boundaries

    The Boundaries Lab provides an interactive, small group designed to be a safe, supportive and growth environment for group members to learn about, discuss and practice boundaries in relationships. Whether it's at home, work, close friends, co-workers or the most significant people in our life, awareness of our boundaries can help us to live a more authentic life, communicate better and create an opportunity to experience closer, more satisfying relationships.

    The Boundaries Lab is an ongoing group open to men and women. New members may be added each quarter depending upon available openings in the group. Call Paul for more information.

    This group is currently not in session


    Families In Recovery Workshop: The Four Stage Path to Recovery: For Consumers

    While recovery is an individual challenge, the position a family takes in relationship to it’s family member in recovery has a powerful effect on what shape the road to recovery can take. Families often feel lost in early recovery or over use old behaviors in their effort to continue their role to "make things better". The results can be counter-productive.

    Stephanie Brown, PhD., wrote about what that road to recovery looks like for the entire family based on her ten year study of families struggling with addiction. She identified four stages that a family travels through going from addiction to "new health and well-being".

    This workshop shares information from Dr. Stephanie Browne’s Families in Recovery Study and highlights the four stages. Families can learn where they are in the developmental process of recovery, what tools they’ll need along the way and to recognize the pitfalls and the opportunities that present themselves on the journey.

    Length: 60-90 minutes.

    Intensive One Day Workshop For Families Dealing With Addiction and Early Recovery

    This One Day Intensive Workshop is a dynamic and powerful workshop helping families learn, respond and heal from the impact of addiction on their family. And in doing so, aid their addicted family member’s journey toward wellness.

    The Families in Recovery Intensive One Day Workshop is a new opportunity for families and friends to learn about how they fit into the addiction, treatment and recovery journey. They will also examine how families are affected by addiction and the post treatment environment and, more importantly, how to get well.

    During the past 8 years we have delivered this information to over 1,800 family members and 600 families. We’ve learned from all the families that participate and are always fine-tuning the curriculum in response to their input.

    The atmosphere of the Family Workshop is designed to be educational and supportive. The information is delivered via film clips, Power Points, lectures and discussion. The goal for the workshop is for family members to learn and grow from a series of focused, educational and small group experiences.

    Our Mission: Addiction is a family disease and affects every single person in the family. The mission of this one day workshop is to present current research and findings on how families are affected by the disease of addiction and how family members can respond to the high stress, depression and anxiety in more productive ways for the addict/alcoholic and for themselves. Our mission is to help family members see how the family can develop new ways to help them in regulating emotions and behaviors and discover the role that relational dynamics play in restoring safety, wellness and emotional regulation to the family as a whole.