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    I am committed to working with people who seek a supportive and insightful collaborator in navigating the challenges in their world today. Each individual, every couple, each journey is unique and I am dedicated to offering my best skills and experience to help them find their way to new health and well-being. Our Mission Viejo Marriage and Family Therapist office serves the surrounding communities from Coto de Caza to Laguna Hills to San Clemente.

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  • Paul Gillane

    Paul Gillane is a Newport Beach and Mission Viejo Marriage and Family Therapist. He has been providing mental health services and speaking about family therapy since 1999. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from UC Santa Barbara and his Master’s Degree in Psychology from Chapman University. Paul divided his professional development experiences between working with individuals and families in life transition, substance and alcohol abuse (as a treatment provider in Drug Court, DUI Court, County of Orange Dual Diagnosis Program) and with college students in campus settings.
  • The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes

  • Psychotherapy began with individual work.  It’s still represents the majority of my practice. It’s work I feel honored to be a part of.  Some clients come because of an individual crisis such as a breakup, loss of a job or a loved one or to sort out a complicated issue.  Others come because of the suffering that accompanies chronic anxiety or depression. 

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  • Most people notice the hula hoops in my office.  They represent the work around boundaries that happens there. There’s a bunch of them because every person in a healthy family should have their own boundaries.  Learning about boundaries is one of the places we start in my work. Why? Because, firstly, boundaries help you determine what’s yours to work on and what is the rest of the world’s work.

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  • When I went back to school for my degree, I knew I wanted to work with families and relationships.  It’s what Mission Viejo Marriage and Family Therapists are trained for. I am still training today about relationships to learn new perspectives or new technique because, just like our world, relationships are always changing and evolving even if we aren’t noticing.

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